Digital Signature Certificate


A Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is secure digital key that certify the identity of the holder. In simple words, DSC is used to certify the online documents through internet. Nowadays all the registrations can be done online and for certification purpose this can be certified by DSC. It is as good as singing and certifying the documents physically. It is also method used for authenticating the documents online. For e.g. PAN application can be done through DSC no need for physical submission of documents.

Classes of DSC

1.    Class 1 Certificate:- These certificates issued to the individuals/private subscribers.

2.    Class 2 Certificate:- These certificates will be issued for both business personnel and private individual use.

3.    Class 3 Certificate:- This certificate will be issued to organisation as these are assurance certificates.

For Income Tax filings. PAN registration, MCA filings purpose Class 2 Certificate of individual is used.

Required Documents for DSC application

1.    DSC Application Form

2.    A Passport photo on the form and signed across

3.    Copy of PAN Card

4.    Copy of Address Proof or any utility bill which should not be older than 2 months

Copy of PAN Card and Address Proof- attested by Bank Manager or Post Master or Gazetted Officer


All application should be adhere to

1.    The supporting documents needs to be attested by Bank Manager or Post Master or Gazetted Officer only

2.    Attesting officer should quote their office number, name and designation etc. along with attestation

3.    Mobile number and email id is mandatory for the applicant and it should be unique for each applicant

4.    The signature and other details in the form should be filled in blue ink only

Installation of DSC

After getting DSC please install the driver first of the same issuing authority. For e.g. if you have applied for e-pass token of e-mudhra then install the driver also of the same category. The drivers are available at website of the vendor. After installation of the driver attach your DSC and you can use your DSC.

Your DSC is properly installed or not that you can also verify this. Just go to Internet explorer then Content and Certificates. If there is your name and other details are reflecting then its properly installed.


We are heading towards the digitalization world, online shopping, online payments, what’s app, Instagram ,etc. We are surrounded by the virtual world which is more active and creative. Digital certificates are playing vital role in creating your virtual identity and presence in this.

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