The Tax Structure is categorized broadly into two categories i.e. Direct Tax and Indirect Tax.

The direct tax is a tax that is paid directly by you like Income Tax, Gift tax, Capital Gain Tax, Dividend Distribution Tax etc.

Indirect taxes are those taxes that are levied on Goods and Services. They differ from direct taxes because they are not levied on a person who pays them directly to the government, they are instead levied on products and are collected by an intermediary, the person selling the product. For e.g. Goods and Service Tax, Customs Duty.

With changes in compliances in these taxes, the interest and penalties also have increased drastically. To avoid the unnecessary burden on the additional cost of non-compliance there is a need for professional expertise in these areas for effective management.

We provide services in direct as well as indirect taxation like preparation for liabilities, the filing of returns and preparation various statutory registers and records as per local laws.