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Today, internet or online marketing means are increasing day by day very rapidly. You cannot survive in business without having some form of online presence. As per survey, nearly 3/4th of small businesses use social media platform. If your business does not maintain online presence the you are losing high potential to grow your business.

Nowadays, when you reach to your potential customer, first thing they do is “Search on Google and on other platforms to find more information about your business”, they do so because they want to get comfortable with you before doing any business; if they don’t find your online presence, probably, they won’t be confident upon your business.

An online presence gives your business credibility. It allows people to confirm your business presence. Being online can be understood as engaging your target audience through your product, services and content as well as information. Nowadays, most of the successful companies focuses on updating their site and creating content on social media platforms through blogs, Facebook & LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. then why as a start up you should not focus on them. You should not only have online presence but also be active too. You have to invest the necessary time and effort to design new content or information on social media.

The online media creates a brand image of your product or service which will lead to success for your business. For e.g. if we will ask you which brand creates social awareness through their advertisement campaign then out of 10, 9 will say Amul. It is famous for their topical stories which creates awareness about the current scenario. The Amul girl conveys the story from her perspective which attracts the consumers.

In the same line, Imperial Blue is another example for providing fresh content for the brand every time. Their campaign “Men will be Men” portrays male psychology very well in their commercials. Each commercial depicts emotion through a funny angle which can be easily connected by the target audience. This will create everlasting brand image of the product.

“Social media replaces nothing but compliments everything. – Neal Schaffer”

Your social media presence starts with creating and maintaining the website. It is a sort of online permanent address of the business where customer can, at any time, learn about your product, see the offerings you have for them, know about your experience in that business, ping you for any further discussion. You can build your website through various tools available like wix.com, wordpress.com, blogspot.com, they provide user friendly interface to develop a basic website at very low cost.

After creating a beautiful website make sure it is discoverable on search engines like Google and YouTube, for this you may have to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You have to understands how SEO search through keywords so that you can effectively target your audience. Analyse which social media platform is used very widely and use that platform efficiently, use images and live examples effectively so that people can connect to it. Online presence can also be created through maintaining blog through latest updates, information, your ideas and thoughts. It’s a platform to connect to people all over the world.

Once you are online, it depends on you how much time you want to invest on building your digital image.

You should study the impact of digital presence on your business and analyse the competitors as well to understand the market scenario. With this analysis you will have idea, how you can improve the content and how well you can approach your target audience.

Remember, Potential customers will not put a lot of efforts into finding you, and they should not have to. A simple Google search should provide them with all the information they seek. You don’t have to be everywhere online, but you do have to be somewhere online.

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